Artists to Watch Series: Grayson Shindler

Following in the footprints of the former stomping ground of Stevie Ray Vaughan in Austin and Houston, TX is 18 year old prodigy Grayson Shindler.  Before we even continue getting into the in’s and outs of this talented artist, why don’t you start by checking out a short tribute he did for SRV below covering Lenny.  Watch how he layers his foundation before dropping some hot licks on his self made loop.

We first learned about Grayson checking out a show with former B.B. King trombonist Lil’ Joe from Chicago during a set in Houston, TX.  I could tell this was their first meeting and playing together in this band, but the moment Grayson started his first solo, Joseph Burton’s jaw dropped to the floor.  This was when Grayson was 16 years old.  It wasn’t long before Lil’ Joe brought Grayson to Atlanta, to play on stage with the infamous Mudcat during the yearly Chicken Raid. During that visit to Atlanta, he was fortunate enough to sit down and jam with The Tin Man Marshall Seese, Jr.

When speaking with Grayson, he definitely pays his respects to some of the greats on his influence: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Prince, and Jack White to name a few.  With so much refined skill and raw talent already under his belt, at 18 years old Grayson has been accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  With his already having mastered multiple instruments at performance level, Grayson has decided to set his sights to influence music in the years to come with a focus in Music Production, much like alumni Quincy Jones.  We can’t wait to see and hear where his future might take him, but if anything like the soul put into the performance below is any measure, we are in for a treat.


Words and videos by Tst Mkr.


2 thoughts on “Artists to Watch Series: Grayson Shindler

    • Hey Carol, I just checked on two different devices and the sound is leveled out correctly, HOWEVER, YouTube defaults the sound to be turned almost all the way down when you press play. Try again and check the sound on the YouTube slider, totally worth listening too!


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